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HP DeskJet 3630 Ink Cartridges

HP DeskJet 3630 Ink Cartridges

The hp Deskjet 3630 uses hp 63 ink cartridge with a higher yeild option the hp 63xl ink cartridge. We supply only genuine hp Deskjet 3630 ink cartridges for worry-free printing and a 1-year warranty with all our products.Not sure what HP Deskjet 3630 ink cartridges to buy?The HP 63XL produces 480 pages compared to the standard yield HP 63 ink cartridges which produce 190 pages at a 5% A4 coverage.Most printers typically have two different cartridge capacities: standard yield and high yield. In this case, the HP Deskjet 3630 uses the 63 and 63XL cartridges. The yield corresponds to the number of pages you can expect to print from one cartridge at a 5% coverage of an A4 page.Standard yield cartridges are the most common option for customers who don't print very often. Spending a bit less for the standard HP Deskjet 3630 ink cartridges makes sense for customers who print very little.High yield cartridges hold in most cases almost double of what the standard cartridges do, they are more expensive but in most cases worth the extra money for customers planning on regular printing. There is a print capacity to fit everyone's needs whether it be for home or business use. Paying more upfront for higher yield cartridges is worth it in the long run because you will pay less per print saving you money over time.

Standard yield HP DeskJet 3630 Ink Cartridges

Standard Yield Cartridges

High yield HP DeskJet 3630 Ink Cartridges

High Yield Cartridges

Multipack HP DeskJet 3630 Ink Cartridges

Multi Pack Cartridges

HP 63/63 Value Pack (2 Pack)
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